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4000 more sliders, and they do nothing (BAP).

Play All-star. Try to get games where the players actually play a hard-hitting game (your own play doesn't count). The hits are like rarities, even events, because they happen so rarely. Aggression to max, hitting to max, it doesn't seem to do anything, which was the case for many years. AI players are just awkwardly fidgeting like they're afraid of contact. The flow of play is horrible because of it, and it robs the games of real sense of physicality. If you have sliders, make them work. Zero is almost nothing, and max is almost constant. You can't fix broken sliders by adding 4000 new ones. Sigh.

Pass accuracy/puck control - sliders are useless on All-star as well, at least concerning the AI opponent. Same old, same old. I also got that "periods resetting to 20 minutes" bug from last year. There, I spoke my mind. Now I'm going to sell this game. For cheap. I'm glad I bought a used copy, because supporting these games seems to be a waste.


  • Have fun!
  • You aren't using the right sliders then, I play on All-Star and they work pretty well, most games are really close 1 or 2 goal games, although my BAP players does end up doing the majority of the hits for my team, the AI gets their hits in too.
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