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Is fighting broken? (In franchise mode, answer inside)

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First off, great looking site now.

Secondly though, is it me or is fighting non-existent this year? I have had a few but not nearly what it should be considering I have it cranked all the way up. Is anyone else having this issue?
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  • Now that progression is back somewhat people don't want to sit in the box for 5 mins. On another note it doesn't feel like you can lean and guard from punches anymore, you still get hit. Its either dodge or punch now.
  • My biggest issue was that in franchise mode fighting just was not happening but it was because after every season players fight tendencies would switch to never. So now before every season you have to go around the league and edit the fighting tendencies yourself if you want fights in your game and as a hockey purist I take the time to do that which takes quite some time!
  • The fighting blows this year anyway, block doesn't work, every fight is just both players mashing up on RS, I wouldn't even bother fighting the AI.
  • Offline hardly ever happens. CPU v CPU never.
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    This has been driving me crazy. I'm not much for scrapping off the draw, but if one of my stars gets rocked, I fully expect my pound of flesh. The game will even prompt a fight in these situations, and when you initiate the fight, play stops and the two combatants just tug on each other and end up with coincidentals.

    Fighting is also an effective way to recharge your lines late in a period, or turn the tide when the ice is tilted for the superhuman cpu at times.

    This needs a fix desperately.

    *talking about franchise mode, btw.
  • Based on something discovered on OS. For some reason in Franchise/BAP mode ALL THE PLAYERS FIGHTING GOES TO 'NEVER'
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