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Editing Player for franchise mode

hi, can u unlock the size and weight like nhl 16 in editing player cuz too many players dont have their reel height and weight.

u make the same mistake year after year, Trevor Carrick shoots left not right, first round pick by Carolina Hurricane (21st) Julien Gauthier from Val D'Or (LHJMQ) wrong picture... and many more

i know it not as important as hut mode or eashl but please unlock that.


  • We could edit height/weight in every past year's game and yet, they remove it this year. I really don't understand how they could have thought that it was a good idea. Seriously, this need to be added soon because I'm waiting for this to start a franchise mode because I don't want to play with a roster where half the players have the wrong size..

    Now that the forum is up again, I really hope that EA launch a big update soon fixing those problems (editing height/weight and that fighting problem after the first year) because it really ruins franchise mode for me.
  • And could they fix player faces too. Most players with a generic face look nothing like their real life counterpart. It's a bummer because if we were allowed to edit the players appearance, we could get a lot of players to look similar if not really similar to how they do in real life.

    In the create a player option, (just for kicks) I modeled the faces for Islanders that did not have a cyberface. It yielded very good results. Much better than comes as default.

    This is a pretty good game for offline this year. There are some things that need tweaking, but seeing so many players with poorly chosen faces really takes from the immersion, no?
  • Up ! Honestly, I want EA to see this and fix it soon !

    Half the players have wrong size, we could do it in NHL 16, in NHL 15, even in NHL The Hitz 2003 on a Gamecube I think, their's no reason to not be able to do it in NHL 17 !!
  • Gotta say this is driving me crazy that I can't change the Height and Weight. For me it makes it harder to get into franchise mode when one of my better prospects is 2 inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter then real life. I at least expected the top prospects to be right. Both Puljujärvi and Dubious are way off from their actual size.
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