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Pack prices and value

Anyone with a good memory remember what pack prices were last year and before? Seems cheaper this year and better odds? Or am I wrong?


  • Packs are never worth buying, so don't do it. Cards are cheaper this year for sure.
  • I bought one of the world cup packs because it was guaranteed a collectible and if you take a look at the market you could sell those for minimum 45-50 k. Which I did so I made probably 60k off that pack.

    Now that's a guaranteed value in a pack but the other packs can't guarantee that.
  • Finch1965
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    I just came back from holiday and in order to have a good start I bought 4 of the World Cup packages with one guaranteed World card item. I changed all 4 items for a 88+ player and received 3 times Justin Byufuglien, plus one Perry. Considering the price of approx. 25,000 coins which I received for each of my two additional Byufuglien cards and the costs of 100,000 coins per package, I would say the value of the packages is still quite low (still a good way to burn money) and of course I was quite disappointed to get three times the same card.

    On the other hand I like the game play far more compared to the last two versions.
  • Ive turned in multiple WCOH Collectibles for 88+ players and have had great success. Its a gamble, you either sell the collectible itself or roll the dice. Ive gotten TOTW Berg, J Benn, Keith, Subban, Stammer.

    But Ive also gotten Luongo/Bobrovski lol. It all depends.
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  • Anesthesia44
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    Turned in WCOHx2 to complete the set for Kurri. Thought that was better than the 88+ random....ya might get Crosby, ya might get Big Buff. I play madden mobile too.....im quite used to the whole sets concept. Ya just never know...
  • High, low
  • I think the regular packs arent worth it. The promos have treated me good, better then any other previous NHL. Redeeming the WCOH collectable started out good, has given me nothing but 88 goalies last few. i wait for the 25k promos. like previous ones, i spent the first month playing the game 10% of the time and the other 90 on the AH making pucks. Managed to pickup Gaudreau, Karlssson, Robitaille, Toews, Pavelski in these swapable cards for the 88+. Might try and sell them and complete a couple collections, but its cheaper i think to buy the Hero card then complete the collection yourself no? if you can wait awhile and redeem gold cards for carbon then ok maybe not, but if you want one of those guys sooner then later they go for much cheaper then to to buy the carbons.
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