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What In The Hell Is Wrong With Sliders?

In Be A Pro specifically, besides the fact that half the sliders never save, what's going on?

So far I went from being 8-14-2, to pushing up my human shooting and puck control, and now I've won 8 straight and the CPU has only scored 7 against me in 8 games....why is it I tweak the sliders a tiny bit and all of a sudden there's no more simulation goals by the CPU, and every game we win 2-0, 2-1, 3-1. There's no in between...I'm finally scoring at the perfect pace in the WHL. 1.5 PPG + a good grade across the board. I should be a 1st rounder, which is great, but my team is just going to slaughter everyone and it will be too easy. Turn it back, and we'll get blown out 6-2 every game again. I don't understand how to get a balance anymore.
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