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Horrible no-goal calls

There no logic in no-goal calls. This has happened to me couple of times. I score, opponent pushes his own goalie and goal is waved off.. And top of that, I get (the almost non-existent) goalie interference penalty. ****?

And then this is somehow a good goal? :smiley:

These really jeed to be fixed.


  • Socair
    2737 posts Game Changer
    Yes, goalie interference is completely out of whack this year. Should be tuned or patched.
  • Waived Off goal - My absolute favorite is when the puck bounces of the OPPONENTS own player and into the net and it gets waived off...smdh!
    Goalie Interference - Hornqvist was in the slot roughly 3ft away from the Blue Paint (no where near the goalie) deflected a shot for a goal. Goal waived off and Hornqvist was given a 2min minor for Goalie Interference

    No Rhyme or Reason to this kind of garbage
  • Wizzard_Of_Ozzie
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    edited September 2016
    Goal 1. There was goalie interference at 0:01 seconds. As per the NHL rulebook, there will be a mandatory no goal call for 15 seconds following the infraction.

    Goal 2. Irl, thats obviously no goal, but that was just a buggy animation. Also, not really a kick animation, more of a violent seizure xD
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