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  • PIT defeats NJD 3-1. GG.


  • Confirmed.

    Ana loses to Toronto 2-1 in OT
  • STL 5 Wsh 3
    Confirmed. Cheesed about the connection in this one.
  • Gschlez wrote: »
    TOR 5 PHI 2 GG
    Confirmed GG

    Philly beats Arz 4-0

    IM RJ28 from the old forum
  • PIT 5 vs SJ 0. GG Jay
  • Pittsburgh wins 5-0 against San Jose.
  • PIT 4 vs STL 1. GG
  • Update
    All trades approved
    Rosters and Scoreboard will be done by Jay; he'll notify when completed.
    LR is closed and will re-open in 1 week for downgrades.
    FA list will be release Wed after TOTW drops.

    ALLSTAR Week
    HUT and OVP games MUST be streamed
    Shootouts are optional stream.
    Let's get EASHL going asap. Incase it goes to 7 games.
    Finally, get caught up on games before auto win/loss is assigned. These will be non-nego.
    Have fun this week guys...nice break from trades.
  • PIT 4 vs STL 1. GG

    Confirmed gg
  • STL 3 ANA 1
  • Wpg loses a ball buster in double OT versus ANA. 3-2 ANA wins. GG my man
  • STL 3 - ANA 1 :|
    WGP 2 - ANA 3 double OT o:)
    TB 6 - ANA 1 :s
    SJ 4 - ANA 0 :/
  • Scoreboard is fully up to date.
  • dtrain061104
    86 posts Member
    edited November 2016
    TOTW upgrades will not be available FA:
    EX. Crosby 94 will not be available if 93 is in the league. (93 MUST be traded-in and RETIRED from the league)
    *Important Notice* each time you trade-in an upgrade; your waiver wire is used. So, it counts as a transaction.
    MOV upgrades is an auto ww hit when it's released. You cannot wait to option. This is auto upon TOTW upg.
    This process will hold true to the league rules:
    There will never be more than 1 BASE and 1 Special card in the league at the same time.
    I want to bring these rules to everyone's attn. If and when you own a MOV. When TOTW releases an upg....You will take the ww hit immediately. MOV are reflective of these upg within 24hrs. I need to clarify that this is still true for NHL. So, I will come to you each Wednesday right before FA to let you know of this ww hit. This is the dilemma going into an FA bid. Keep this in mind when bidding on MOV SC players.
  • *Important Rule RE: MOV FA*
    The auto upg that EA does to these cards does not allow us to have pending ww hit.
    Thus, when a TOTW POTG MS etc...is dropped on a MOV player. The upgrade is effective on that players in 24 hrs
    This means that WW hit MUST be applied asap.
    What sucks? This could happen 1 day before FA and you have ww #3. Your MOV player get POTG and +1 upg.
    You go to last place immediately on ww rank. Destroying your shot at bidding...
    Let's call this "Buyer Beware of MOV"
    MOV players will be in BLACK on rosters
    I want everyone to understand this rule:
    There will never be more than 1 BASE and 1 Special card in the league at the same time.
  • WSH defeats DET 4-3 (OT)

  • WSH defeats DET 4-3 (OT)

    confirmed. GG you earned that OTW

  • Well. The All Star begins with a BANG!

    Western Confrence Match up in a Shoot Out between the Anaheim Ducks vs the Philadelphia Flyers.

    Went the distance in a 3rd game but The Ducks came in big in the final game, shutting out the Flyers snipers 2-0.

    Series ended 2-1 for the WEST!
  • Also a 3 game thriller...

    Montreal defeats Colorado in a 2-1 Shootout series.

    Very GGs, Slyque.

    Go West!
  • Philly vs Ana Comfirmed
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