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  • LR is updated and open
    * Fri. 7pm - Sat. 7pm EST deadline (for upgrades)

    49 players...
    ANY offer with 86SC will get top priority and go first.
    LR resumes normal rules following.
  • Attention

    Need to rake in....
    Anisimov 85 86 FLORIDA
    Pouliot 85 86 MONTREAL
    Miller, J.T. 85 86 VANCOUVER
    Richardson 85 86 EDMONTON
    Braun 85 86 EDMONTON
    Howard 85 86 VANCOUVER
    Perron 85 86 MINNESOTA
    Pearson 85 86 CHICAGO
    Gaborik 85 86 LOS ANGELES

    In the next 2 LR.
    Teams with 86SC will get to send in more than 1 offers if needed to rake in these.
    Awarding them an 87 or 88 as it fits with trade chart is reasonable so we can all move to free for all on these. lmk if any q.
  • *Important*
    86SC is now FREE for all to use
    With the exception of 86MOV

    All rosters with 86SC will be pulled tonight.
    Enjoy men.
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