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Preparing nhl 18 ?

I know its early but do you think there will be pack reward for us playing nhl 17 next year ? Base on the same thing last year ( total games play, items, coins balance) ? Thx.


  • There has been a RUB every year since HUT was created and they usually follow similar criteria.
  • The levels required for max have varied GREATLY, however. 16's was the lowest. 17's is the highest.
  • They always have a returning user bonus, while the criteria changes somewhat in volume its always been players, games played, and coins.

    I wouldn't worry greatly about it now, collect players you dont "need" to sell, play games, and close to the "end" of 17 dump your team and expensive assets and profit. If I'm not sure where my bonus will fall I'll usually wait till more people post results, if I'm not happy with mine i'll hop on the later edition and see what I can do to possibly increase the RUB....aside from playing games usually.

    GT - T0o HxC 4u
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