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Dynamic game difficulty balancing



  • I guess the only way to "prove" this is by playing some 10-20 games against the same opponent but with different teams then just sum it up.
  • there isn't a legitimate way to prove that this is the case unfortunately
  • I just started reading up on dynamic difficulty after searching google to see if the recent update increased the difficulty of the game. I noticed that my players were becoming slower, dumber, and less accurate over time. I found that many people have claimed to notice things of this nature. So, I figured I’d conduct an experiment.

    If you are one of the people that doubts dynamic difficulty is part of FIFA, try this first...

    Try to lose from the start of the match. Dribble into defenders. Run away from attackers. Try to lose the match!

    I just tried to lose a match this way. The AI just kept getting worse. From missing shots, to running into the keeper, and eventually running into my defenders (who were moving the in opposite direction). Eventually, the AI couldn’t even take the ball away from my dribbler, despite TRYING to turn the ball over.

    Now, compare the AI performance to the last match you played...

    Like it or hate, dynamic difficult is undoubtedly a part of FIFA, and EA isn’t exactly trying to hide it. They are simply denying it.
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