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"Custom" Player Build Concept

Generally in these forums the opinion on whether EASHL should allow you to assign attributes to your skater or you choose from a preset build is pretty split down the middle. Personally, I'm all for customization of my skater just like on the old gen. But, I haven't had a huge problem with the current preset build system either. I'm a good player, yet I don't play a much as I'd like due to work and family. And really, it's just a stupid video game so it's not like being a top player or being bad at it really means anything at all. But it's nice to pick up the controller when I can and enjoy the experience becuase I don't have a 56 rated EASHL player from not logging enough hours to get up to an 85. Yet, I get why the lack of customization can be a bummer for anyone who plays EASHL.

So I've had this idea (I apologize if it's been brought up before) where you could split the difference and have "custom builds". Meaning, a little bit of both.

As it's currently set up in NHL 17 (as it was in 16) there are six areas for your EASHL skater build; shooting, skating, passing, hands, defense, and physical. All areas have a rating range on a scale from 0-10, with the lowest rating actually used being 4 (like defense for a sniper). Regardless of your build the skating category is locked at 7. And there are only a couple 9's (passing for a playmaker, hands for a dangler).

The custom/hybrid concept I thought of that could be considered for future editions of the game would be to allow the gamer to assign ratings to the skill categories (skating, shooting, defense, etc). how he/she sees fit. Build your own build. So, you would select a package of attribute ratings, maybe there's a top heavy package like 9-7-6-5-5-4, or maybe you pick a more balanced package like an 7-7-7-6-6-5. Maybe there's a wide range package of 9-8-5-4-4-3. Regardless, you then assign the attributes based off of how you play. If you pick the top heavy package maybe it's because you want a 9 on physical, or skating, or shooting. But you're going to have to stick a 4 somewhere else to offset it. Maybe you're willing to be a 6 on skating because you want an 8 on shooting and an 8 on passing. Essentially, you get 6 ratings packaged in different ways to slot into the 6 skill categories how you see fit.

It's sort of the Nintendo "Ice Hockey" concept where you'd have to pick skinny, medium, or fat for the guys you wanted on the ice. Skinny were fast and weak, fat were anchors and had big slappers. The problem with NHL 17 is speed is taken out of EASHL as a weapon now. Which is unfortunate, because as you can see by the today's NHL (Pittsburgh winning the Cup, Team NA causing all sorts of problems at the World Cup) speed is arguably the most game planned and utilized skill in the NHL right now. But it's not part of EASHL in the slightest. If you poke a d-man at you blue line it usually doesn't turn into a breakaway often. If you dump the puck in the d-man almost always gets to the puck first. You almost never, if ever, out race a man to negate an icing. Everyone is a 7 in skating. If I could make that a 9 or 8 in EASHL, but had to have my defense be a 4, maybe I don't always get that poke check on the blue line now but it's worth trying for the sake of adding depth and variety to the styles on the ice.

Offline play, when tuned correctly with the sliders, is a far more realistic and fun game in the sense that you have a wider variety of scoring opportunites, turnovers, and realistic swings in play because of the variance in speed.

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm just kicking an idea around here to see what you think. But having that hybrid concept for EASHL builds, meeting in the middle, of creating your player within the build system might work. You get to tinker with so many different kinds of custom builds just by playing with the value of the skill categories using different attribute packages offered to you.
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  • Sigh, this thread again...
  • trw1987
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    In before all the "b-b-but its created a level playing field git gud scrub" comments. I was a huge proponent of the player class system last year, thinking it would truly balance it out. I like it still to a degree..but like you said, and anyone who knows hockey will say...speed kills. And there is none of it online now. playing a run and gun style is almost impossible now...because there is no run...unless you have a two line headstart on a breakaway pass.

    I like your idea...also bring back curve choices but lose the bonuses. All it does is affect shot tendencies. However, as Mega said...the horse is dead. Btw...lovin' the new avatar pic bro.
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