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Come Join LGUHL for the Best Competition and Best Prizes


League Gaming Ultimate Hockey League is the biggest Hut League with the current season boasting 242 players as of September 27th.

2. Competition Level

I’m sure you all wonder what the advantage to this league is verse just playing leaderboards?
Leaguegaming has the best players in the world. #1 on PS4 leaderboards JayProul is a former LGUHL champion and current player. Flash Davin who is highly regarded as the best HUT player in the world is a commissioner and former LGUHL champion. Top streamers and content creators such as Howtochel, Nuge and Miviens are also all active players. Many of the former top and #1 overall leaderboard players have moved on to play LGUHL.

3. Make New Friends

LGUHL is a community that has made everyone involved many new friends. No individual player is above the league and the league takes pride in this fact. If you want to meet competitive, interesting and fun people, build lasting friendships and elevate your game than LGUHL is for you.

4. Gain Fame, Notoriety and Marketability

The league is now in its 5th season. We have seen many players who went from being unknowns to top contenders and even league champions. If you want to get better at the game there is no better place to play as you will have the opportunity to play the very best.

5. Who Should Come Play LGUHL?

Now I know some of you are concerned you aren’t ready or aren’t good enough to compete. You will quickly learn that there are varying levels of players on LGUHL. While the competition level does trend higher than D1 leaderboard games there are also many players who aren’t. A lot of players have come to LGUHL and started out losing a very high percentage of their games but many of them didn’t get discouraged and now they are in playoff spots or are on the cusp of breaking in.
NOTE: This league is only for North American players.

6. Style of Play

I know many of you are assuming the majority of games will play similar to your D1 experiences where players over use protect the puck and just take control of a defender and stay in front of their net. In LGUHL you will quickly notice those are the signs of a weak player. All of the stronger players move the puck quick and the tendency is for a cycle game rather than one man shows and CPU defense. The game play is much more similar to real hockey than what you will see in your D1 encounters.


Yes I know this is what you have all been waiting for. Some of you probably even will read nothing but this section so without further ado I bring to you...the biggest prizes of any hut league. You don’t even have to be an elite player to get a massive prize!
The prize list!

1. Most Games Played in Regular Season

So you like to grind leaderboard games? LGUHL regular seasons are 3 weeks long. Some of you have already played 100 leaderboard games. You would currently be in first place in games played in LGUHL. Why that matters? You would be in line to receive 2 cards of your choice. ANY CARD IN THE GAME IS ELIGIBLE THAT IS IN THE GAME AT THE TIME THE PLAYOFFS END including 96 Bure, 92 Malholtra, 93 Crosby etc. Last year I received a MOV Ovi, MOV Kane, TOTY Toews, TOTY Kopi and MOV Crosby all from playing LGUHL.

2. Most Wins in Regular Season

2 cards of your choice!

3. First Place in Regular Season

2 cards of your choice!

4. Top 3 in Playoffs

2 cards of your choice! + $50, $35 and $25 hut points for first, second and third respectively.
Regular season prizes can be stacked with a playoff prize but regular season prizes can’t be stacked.
I.e. you can only win one of most games played, most wins, first in standings.

8. How to Join

1. Sign up with www.leaguegaming.com.

a. Your account will be vetted by staff to ensure it isn’t a second registered tag or previously banned player.

2. Click the LGUHL Tab and click the sign up to Season X (We are season 5 now but readers may see this when its season 6, 7 etc.)

9. How to Play

Now you are ready to begin your grind. Any of you who have played gamebattles will understand the system. You can either create a game at a time you’d like to play or you can join a game.
Once you get a game either player can through play a friend challenge you. The rules are all standard except you change it to continuous OT. (4 minute periods, delayed offsides, hybrid icing)
Report the game through the input score function. When the game ends you take a screenshot with your xbox. At the time of writing there are some issues in relation to screenshots so you are advised to use Cortana. You then sync screen shots through the input score function. Your screen shot should pop up within 2 or 3 minutes from when you took it. Your stats will then be recorded and who won.
If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to screen shot a commissioner will enter the score for you.
Rinse and repeat!

10. Leaderboards – Win and Go Up, Lose and Go Down!

1. You get points for each game you win. It uses a system similar to the elo system in that the higher rated the player you play the more points you gain for a win and the less points you get for a loss.

2. Leaderboards also keep track of your Goals For and Goals Against and you can check a players 5 most recent games indepth down to their penalty kill percentage, number of shots etc.

11. Regular Season

The Regular Season is 3 weeks long. You can play as much or as little as you like. You can join and play 0 games or you can join and play 500 games. In most cases players that make playoffs will have played 25+ games.

12. Playoffs

The goal of everyone is to win a championship. But first you have to make playoffs. In prior seasons we have experimented with doing two tiered playoffs however in season 5 we will be doing playoffs for Top 16. Each round is a best of 7 and its set up like a 16 man bracket.
1st plays 16th winner then plays the winner of 8th vs. 9th etc.
2nd plays 15th winner then plays the winner of 7th vs. 10th etc.
Playoffs are expected to last 2 weeks. We have made minor accommodations in the past but we are on a somewhat tight schedule. In almost all cases players are able to find the ability to play their games within the alotted time.

13. Some LGUHL Playoff History Xbox Side

When playoff time rolls around you better believe all eyes are on you. Previously unknown players have become community famous overnight.

Season 1

In perhaps the most legendary come back in the history of LGUHL where yours truly was the loser, Lan Moran aka Kodyyy was down 3 games to 1 in the finals of season one. After winning the next two a decisive game 7 was required. After 2 periods and being down 6 to 2 in what was looking like a blowout the tables turned. Lan Moran came back with a vengeance and potted 4 goals that period then capped it off with an OT winner.

Season 2

FlashDavin is historic unbeaten season (30-0) may never be touched including a 20-3 playoff run to win LGUHL season 2. (32 man playoffs)

Season 3

Woahmack a relatively unknown player from Chicago went from zero to hero to take home the title.

Season 4

Ever heard of Surpriseme22? You may have seen him on the versus leaderboards. Last season after a variety of upsets and a finals that required 7 games he took home the title.

Season 5

Here we are. This could be you!

See you Today!

GT - T0o HxC 4u


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