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EASHL Strategy Settings

How are people setting these this year? No matter what I or my team do, we seem to get the exact same results from the AI.(We play 2's, 3's, and occasionally 4's. Yes I know it sucks and id rather play 6's too)

We seem to always encounter people who get their AI to make instant outlet passes up the ice while ours skate behind the net and pin themselves for no reason or skate into the goalie. My AI will wind up a long slow slapshot that gets blocked 99.9% of the time while other teams AI waits and moves or passes the puck somewhere. The opponents AI seems to attack and lay us out at the blue line while mine attack and get close to puck carrier but then do absolutely nothing.


  • Socair
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    All I know is that your game speed or feel will affect the AI, so if you feel slow, they will be slower than opponents too. But maybe that's not an issue, in which case, the AI will mimick humans' play. So if you are making quick plays, they will as well. If you're hitting, they will and so on. But ultimately it's tough to depend on consistency from the AI, always the bane of less than 5s.
  • I agree with Socair it seems that the AI will play as good or as bad as your team is playing. I find its a positional thing that will make the AI skate behind the net and pin themselves. All it takes is one player to be in a wrong position or wrong coverage and the AI short circuits they are only as smart as your team as a whole. Another cause is momentum give it to the other team and their AI will bury you. The best advice to get your AI up to speed is to remember that there are no magical AI settings it's up to you and your team to play smart fast paced good positional hockey and your AI will fall in line 85% of the game. The other 15% is just the sheer hockey knowledge that EA guys bestow upon us to make the game seem more competitive than it really should be i.e. The last minute cheese where a goal is guaranteed with 0.2 seconds left in a period and the 5 minutes in the middle of the third when no matter what you do nobody can pick up a puck ending with one of your defenseman knocking a puck into their own net because Steve smith did it 30 years ago (oilers vs. Flames game 7 conference final lol lol lol) and EA figures "it's in the game".
  • I see the exact opposite. Teams that net hang and dont play D at all get the way better AI while the teams that actually play normal hockey get the **** AI.

    Kid net hangs and the computer no look back hands an outlet pass 120 feet right on his tape. Im in the zone calling for the puck right up the boards from the AI and he skate back behind the net and pins himself or skates into the net and my goalie ends up having to freeze the puck.
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