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Franchise Issues

Posting here because maybe I am an idiot or maybe something is just wrong but I tend to only play in franchise mode. So far the main issues I am having are:
1. Re-signing. I sign guys and even if they are 2 way deals they all get listed as 1 way deals, so they count against my cap.
2. As in years past guys who are UFA's deals stay on the cap which makes it hard to trade during the draft.
3. Saving, why can't I name a file? I can overwrite or make a new one but I don't get to name it, this irritates me to no end.

Other than this so far the game play has been good. Although I did prefer the "dashboard" of previous games.


  • What system are you on? Have you seen the "captains" bug where all captains are reverted to assistant captains? Have you seen the "no fighting" bug where all players are set to "never" for fighting? These two bugs are said to be franchise mode specific.
  • I have noticed the captain issue. I am on PS4
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