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Be a pro problem

Someone can help me? I have play one season in my BAP and all was ok but at the second one i cant fight anymore? All the settings for that r at maximum and its the same with injury

Someone have the same problem?


  • I had this issue on 16 but it just fixed itself over time. Maybe try turning fighting and injury off for awhile and play a few games and turn them back on.
  • Try turning the setting off for one game and then turn it back on
  • Ok thanks i will try
  • Ok i have tru to delete my season and start a new one when the second season start the same problem appear :( someone else have the same problem in be a pro ??
  • I have had this exact problem, not to mention McDavid mysteriously losing his captaincy somewhere along the first season. I am halfway through in my second season now and they gave the C to Lucic which still appears on his jersey...for now. Absolutely no fighting, not even a shot after the whistle. This is a huge setback to the game and has made me lose interest. Should've read the forums before buying...
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