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Love, good karma and a hope for a long happy life for all members of the dev team!!!

I have stayed off this title for a couple of years.
Mainly because I've been frustrated by how the game has developed into a close to stand-still puck protecting hell.
This year I got lured in by the feedback from the demo.
Went to buy a PS4 and the game which set me back, quite a lot.
But the raving reviews of the demo, told me that they had finally had managed to make the game, we all have been waiting for.
After three games on the brand new setup, I knew I had made a huge mistake, this game was just like the five last editions of NHL.

Then a guy from England reporting problems with playing against Finnish people, ( eyebrowz84, his post is no. 8 in this thread:
https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/81031/wish-you-could-block-players-nations#latest ),
described everything that has been wrong with this title for the last decade, or so...
He was pinpointing all my problems with the game, and his arguments were exactly the same, that made me stay away from EA's NHL for a couple of years.

Then the magic happens:
All of a sudden, the game speeds up, to make it feel more like a NHL-game.
My poke-checks starts to do some damage.
My players are aware of the puck, which they haven't been for five years (at least).
I can actually connect three passes in a row.
I can body check, and it will throw my opponent off the puck, at least for a split second.
Whenever someone tries that, all too familiar, protect the puck stance, I can actually knock'em flat with a body check, and take over puck possession.
And the list goes on forever....

I have no idea of what happened.
There has not been any updates, neither any tuner-patches.
But all of a sudden, this game turned from utterly crap, into the best hockey game I've ever seen.
So right now, my hatred for EA devs have turned into straight up admiration.
Please don't change this game too much, it is brilliant.
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