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2 simple gameplay design flaws

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Poke check Activation:
My primary position is defense and with that comes a lot of poke checking. This year i feel has improved poking but it still has a design flaw that is really baffling to me, and may be the cause of why the puck goes in such odd directions sometimes. There have been several occasions where i poke checked when i thought was the right time to do so only for it to result in the puck staying on the carriers stick or in a tripping penalty. It was not until late last year(nhl16) i decided to take a closer look as to why in instant replay.

What i found was that the poke check is not activated when the animation pushes the stick forward or even at the max extension of the stick during the animation. The poke actually activates or registers when the player starts to pull the stick back towards themselves in the animation but doesnt last for the whole pull back. This may be why we see sticks actually go through the puck with out the "poke" happening. If your stick visually makes contact with the puck,(when pushing forward) but nothing happens, it's likely due to this issue. This also leads to tripping calls in situations, (ie. where the forward cuts to the inside) where you have a small window to make a poke. I find during these my stick actually goes through the puck but results in a penalty because by the time i start pulling it back, that where the attackers skates are.

Forced Pass Reception Animation:
This is mostly seen after winning a face off and is a major hindrance which leads to breakaways. If your center wins the faceoff back to one of the Ds and is not perfect at aiming it on your stick blade but still near you, you will enter this forced animation. The problem is, is that it freezes you for 0.5 secs but, thats enough time for the opposite forward to poke it away from you and get a breakaway. I dont remember seeing this in 16 so im not sure if its part of the seamless pickup or just a new thing for 17. However this animation causes far more trouble than it does good.
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