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Edit Player and Roster Flaws?

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Am I the only one to experience this so far? I created a bunch of players and made a ton of movements and it showed that it all saved to my created custom roster... Now today it's all gone, I even checked the roster that it saved to and loaded that roster and yet it's showing that I did nothing and everything I did was gone back to the normal roster...

EDIT... just checked and it even deleted my created players...
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  • So talking to other guys I game with and I'm not the only one having this issue... Guys I game with have said even players in the game are vanishing from rosters and not being shown anywhere... Seriously what the heck is up with this game?
  • Did you change your active roster? Or even save it?
  • Animal1138 wrote: »
    Did you change your active roster? Or even save it?

    It's autosaved and I only have one custom roster... It showed the time it saved and everything but yet my rosters were messed up and players gone and all my trades gone back to the way they were... I'm not the only one going through this either, a few guys I play with have had players in the game just vanish completely of the grid... My one buddy for some messed up reason has 4 Crosby's on the Penguins
  • Skrappy3957
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    So apparently EA know's about this flaw and has yet to fix it... two Connor McDavid's? That or he's that talented to not only play for Edmonton but jumped over to St. Louis too


    By the way... This is from their Stanley Cup Sim Season they do on Facebook
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