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Home VS Away

Played a club game where the other team had no business being in the game. They scored two garbage goals on us. Eventually we won 4-2 but the whole game we weren't getting bounces and the other team was just faster. We matchup with the same exact team and this time we're the home team. Can you guess what happened? We walked all over them. Connection felt great and we were flying out there. We beat them 4-0 and they had little to no time in our zone the whole game. Now that leads to my point, do home teams get an advantage in this game? Obviously this could just be a fluke but I wanna see if others have experienced this.


  • I have had situations like that in NHL 15 and 16 playing Online VS where I match up with the same opponent back to back and have two TOTALLY different experiences. NHL 17 I didn't keep long enough for it to happen, but I have always said that the network quality is THE defining factor in who has the better chance to win the game. If EA could figure out the network thing better this game could be a whole lot better.
  • Ya, I definitely felt it in 1v1 modes in 15. I hope its not the case with club.
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