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Defensive Positioning and Forechecking guides/hints

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edited October 2016
Why are these not working when turned on in Eashl for the past few years?

You added this awesome feature " defensive positioning" and now we can't take advantage it.

Forechecking hints have been around a few years now and same problem. You turn it on and they don't show up on the ice. You have to constantly go to settings in game to get it to work.

I understand some features are single player. However, these two features would go a long way to help out teams. Especially with forechecking and defensive settings being changed on the fly. So many people don't know how to do these things and you have these tools in the game. Yet, you don't allow anyone to work with them. Allow people to use these things then have players slowly remove them. Don't waste these awesome features. Fix them!
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