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Any Way to Not Make Every Player Skate Into Dmen on The Rush?

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edited October 2016
Is there any way to get a dman involved in the rush?

I've tried like every strategy and if I try to skate up ice with a dman a forward always skates right into me or slows down.

Teams don't breakout pass out of the zone every time they have the puck but it seems impossible to play any other way in this game.

Any tips are appreciated.


  • Are you left or right?
  • Its in any mode. Doesn't matter what side. For some reason it seems like it's easier to do it if you are right D.
  • Rd is usually the aggressor while ld is more selective with opportunities because he's usually last man back aside from goalie. It's sounds like just a lack of player's willing to use teamwork. Half this game is made up of forwards who go for the cross crease and wrap around on every play no matter if their d men are wide open and then blame you when it's 4 on 1 or 2. Make it a point to avoid those types of player's.
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