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These need to be fixed asap........

Where in the love of god is the game that I loved so much when I played the beta and before the first patch during the trial?

My biggest gripes with this game currently:

1.). The invincibility bubble Looks like after the beta (where it looked like the bubble was finally gone), it was their mission to Make Right Stick Cheesing Great Again. It is flat out ridiculous that someone can hold the R-stick left or right and not get the puck poke checked away even when it is clear that my poke check hit their stick or the puck. Or they can hold down the protect puck button and its impossible to give them even a less than moderate body check even when you hit them head on.

2.). "Seamless" Puck Pickups Why do my players frequently suddenly go blind when the puck is near them and they should be picking up the puck? It's maddening enough when you have to skate like 3 circles around the puck before your player will see it but I want to throw my controller at the wall when I'm skating straight at the puck and my player skates right by the puck.

3.). Own AI Players running into each other and myself Sometimes it's like my players' brains totally evaporate and they have no clue where to go and they all bunch up where it looks like a Rugby scrum broke out. What's worse is that sometimes I'll be skating at them and they get in my way for no reason totally screwing up a breakout, transition, etc. I can understand this happening when a line is gassed but this happens when a line is at full energy as well.

4.). Input lag is still there in nearly 50% of the games that I play, feels like I'm skating in quicksand and the players lose all hockey sense. Other times the game is super smooth as well as the controls being awesomely responsive. The network performance indicator, while being helpful, is not a good indicator of input lag. It only seems to predict if there will be stuttering.

5.) stick lift......need I say more? Overpowered in the past, then they got it just right in the beta and before patch, then they broke it.

While still being an improvement on '16 with these issues, I was super psyched after playing the beta. The game now is closer to '16 than '17 was before the patch. The patch ruined this game. I would not have bought the game if beta played like the game plays now.

Please fix this EA......
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