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I don't know if i'm the only one having these problems when I play HUT.

Team strategies, forecheck : 1-2-2 agressive
neutral zone 1-2-2 red
Trap/forecheck : 8/10
Offensive pressure : Agressive
Defensive Pressure : Puck side attack.

When i start a game, i recheck my settings and when the game start, i clearly play 1-4, no pressure at all and all my players are stuck at my blue line when the opposing team attack. I pause, change settings and it doesn't change anything at all. I'm stuck with those settings.

Another problem, i execute a perfect pokecheck, the guy lose the puck but in a "magical" way he always get it back. Same thing with a bodycheck. Looks like the puck is stuck around the player and i can't get it.

Changing lines. I try to break out of my zone, my LF is skating hard to attack and then quick left turn to my bench to change. Doesn't make sense at all.

Poke check from behind is really to effective. Ea should switch effectiveness of poke checking from behind with pokechecking upfront.

Last thing, i got lucky and find Malkin in a gold pack. He always loses the puck and the opposing D doesn't pokecheck, stick lift of bodycheck. There are an aura around certain players :P

Sorry my english, it's not my first language :P


  • The ai are just terrible is all... They do what they want when they want in every mode ... In eashl consistently coming to a covered man in defense abandoning theirs , i think that has something to do with their will to tie up, then in offense they consistently play the opposite side, which drives me nuts as I have them inverted for easier one timers , in eashl they consistently hang out beside the player in the offensive zone instead of staying where they should. Strategies don't help them play different, they are programmed in full **** mode. Breakouts never happen properly too consistently an ai blocks your passes instead of getting it to an open man further open, your own teammates stop break away consistently... The ai has ni general awareness, in nhl 16 benn said they don't recognize nothing, not the net, not other players, not the boards , this is a huge issue... I've literally had it where four players in aggressive play stand at the blue and stare at me trying to solo it ... The ai is still terrible.

    As for the poke checks again every mode you poke and it warps backs to the guy, they boosted kicking the puck from the skate to stick and made it warp a foot away through the skate then the stick ...

    My problem with poke check is there only seems to be one animation, they can't poke from the side. Stick lift is broken so not an option ... Except for the ai, the they can stick lift a human can't.
  • The ai is only as intelligent as the programmers that program them, which says alot for their intelligence, or complete lack of...
  • Your strategies don't save, from the main menus to the game, you have to change them during gameplay!
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
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