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How about some new cut scenes?

When the home team is losing and Mike says "....that goal should send the fans to the exits", have a cut scene of fans actually leaving, and when the final horn goes off (if the home team loses), half of the arena should be empty (not standing and cheering waving their playoff towels). During intermission, why not a cut scene of the Zamboni cutting the ice with the game stats, for God sakes, do something different already!


  • While I fully agree they could do so much more with the presentation of the game, EA has a lot or should have a lot on their plate to deal with regarding the game-play problems, which I won't get into as there are tons of threads already on them all.

    I do like how they shortened the intro at the beginning of the game by getting rid of the "green screen" thing with Doc and Eddie.
  • I remember the developement team saying that this would be in NHL 16. I have played over 600 hours of NHL 16 and I have yet seen empty seats in the arena during gameplay. And so far there no signs of empty seats in NHL 17. Disappointing.
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