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deception shot is back (glitch shot), Deflection goal (glitch shot)

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edited October 2016
I've been playing a lot of goalie mode and I found the deception shot is back and its glitch shot, what they do is they carry it and then shoot it at crowd of people and some how the puck bounces to the AI CPU stick and my goalie is stuck in save animation and its goal always, AI CPU also cheats by using the a snap shot deflection shot, meaning the AI CPU will stand about 1-3 feet in front of the goalie or sometimes in the crease, he'll deflect the shot past me, they keep doing this in tell they score, always the same two shots, I haven't been able to get good game sense tuner update, these two shots have to be nerfed, cause every score is like 2-0 or 4-1 at end of the first period, they always seem to score first goal, this needs to be looked at, I dunno why all the scores are like 5-5 by end of second period on higher periods, it starts at 6-8 time limit the scores become insanely high way too high for the NHL , NHL games don't have high shots or scores.


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