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Player numbers worrying?

So after doing some research i have noticed that player counts keep slipping every week. At peak times during the day theres only 300 or so online players. Is this worrying since the game is only a month old. The longevity and lasting appeal for this game could be very limited if EA dont get on the ball and fix this dumpster fire before people are scared off for good.


  • This is xbox one eashl im using as my example also.
  • They need to reload beta settings, and nerf the poke check and shot accuracy from those settings just a touch.
  • I'm on too worried right now. There were 17,000 people on Saturday afternoon and only 53 of them were in shoot out. (PS4)
  • Well it can't be wrose than 16. A good night for dropins on the PS4 is a little under 60 users. The average is 35.
  • maybe the popcorn prices are too high..better adjust them accordingly.... :#
  • There are more then double the amount of PS4:s to Xboxe:s out there, so there should be more population on the PS side of things. The game need to be patched up though, so many bugs just keep existing year after year. Like having your player stuck in an animation, that make her glide slowly in to the boards until next faceoff. Like not being able to sync 12 players before the game. Random drops in between whistles.
  • I only ever see tops 1300-1400 people online in EASHL for ps4...and that's on Friday and Saturday nights during prime time...THAT to me is worrying.
  • Its sad to see the series slowly dropping off.
    In NHL10,11,12,13,14 i easily played well over 1500+ Club games not including other modes a year.

    The fact that from one year to the next things get taken out then put back in as if there new features is a joke.

    No lobbies, broken vision control etc..

    I truly feel like the taking out of the custom builds hurt the game. I get fully why they went with the pre set builds and by no means disagree with it but plain and simple it made me play more games and it was fun regradless.

    ^(No i dont want get into this debate again)^

    I just know that in previous titles i could get online and have all club members on or get a lobby full and play 6v6.
  • People have just had it with this series in general. With the broken and recently missing gameplay modes/features/and whatever ea decides isn't worth it, other games are getting more attention which is a good thing. Myself and other hardcore NHL players have gradually found other games that are worth our time to play. When a game is frustrating and a chore to play, you know something is wrong.
  • Yep. That's why this community is a fraction of what it was 6 years ago. Game is cluncky, unresponsive, glitchy/buggy, and flatout not fun.
  • Nhl has like the smallest community in video game sports. If you played otp at anytime for a week in 15 or 16 you'd probably meet half the players in the same game.
  • This is the route this game is taking, random to the extreme, less skill involved, easier for bad teams to pull off wins.

    I doubt it will change, in 5 years it will probably be abandoned by EA and then someone else, maybe 2k will pick it up.
  • i don't even give it 5 years. If they dont fix what's needed in this game and next year flops too i can see this game ending there. There was frustration last year but this year its on a whole new level and people aren't going to put up with it.
  • They just need to refine the basic fundamentals of the game instead of trying to institute new gimmicks every year. They won't abandon the game that they have the most awards for.
  • The problem is that EA views NHL as a cash grab for them. They know people will buy it even if they mess up. Then they will put more money in for HUT and all. But if this is finally the game where people realize EA has screwed this game up little by little over the last few years and its all coming to a head now, maybe EA will finally do something right and fix this. Or risk losing there cash grab.
  • The cash they make on nhl is pennies compared to madden and the show and bf1 will be their ultimate pay day (that is if they don't pull the garbage stunt like last time with bf4). They won't give it up. They need to watch how 6v6 players play in club and competitive. It's all your basic hockey and can actually be implemented into strategy for the ai. Like 2-3, 3-2, 1-3-1. It's all there at three levels. Basic (easy), advanced (intermediate), accelerated (expert). None of it is possible without the first one which is basic. They can review where player's who don't have the puck go in real time in the game and what is the most and least successful strategy and what is actually applicable and what really doesn't make sense at all.
  • Youratv wrote: »
    to madden and the show and bf1
    Just FYI The Show is by Sony. I assume you mean FIFA.
  • Youratv
    260 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Yea fifa sorry fifa, which is a hugely popular game. I did think they made the show for a moment. I will say 2k pitching evolved the game. It was spot on.
  • id love a nhl pro clubs game made by 2k :)
  • billgigs55 wrote: »
    id love a nhl pro clubs game made by 2k :)

    'member NFL 2k5 with the Crib? I 'member.

    Imagine NBA 2k style "My court" but instead "My Ice" with walk on 3v3 shinny games.

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