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XB1 - servicable D-man seeking club

Hey gang... Dave here.

I have been a full-time Dman for 3yrs running. I've gotten my sea legs on in 17 now and am looking to find a club. Sure, being awesome is a bonus, but my main thing is mature folks that aren't prone to raging and have a good time.

I started late this year due to work and family, but have been playing steady minutes the last few weeks (nearly daily). Even at that, I am ranked 15th in OTP rankings (for Dmen). I am not flashy, more of a stay at home kinda guy. Sure, I can press up, but I don't do it a lot.

I am more concerned with plus-minus and take-away/give-away numbers. Points are secondary for me.

Anyway, if yer looking to add to club depth, HMU.

GT = theGypsy66

Send me a message...


  • Hey. would you like to join our club? We are looking to recruit new members and there are D positions opened which is great.
  • Hey man. New club, we haven't played many games (only 5-3-0) and are currently in Division 9. We consist of a LW and C on forward an a RD on defense. We're on every night, but we'd rather not play 3's. All games prior were played with a goalie and "fill-ins". We want to build a strong group to move forward with. We all know how to play the game, and have fun doing it. The LW and I have played together for a long time and have good chemistry. We're looking for like minded players who play the same. If you're interested, I'd love to give you a look and see if we have some chemistry. If not, good luck with your search!
  • Detroit Warriors
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