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Examples of HUT suspected balancing engine



  • I'm mixed on this and always have been. I'd say about 85% of the goals scored on me anymore are really bad bounces or something idiotic going in.

    My lineup consists of..

    Neely-92 DC Malhotra-Gaudreau


    Rinne in net

    Due to this, I don't know what to think.. I've had awful long with bad goals, but not to the extent of losing. 1 guy took me into OT with Frolik as his best player and he had Dan Girardi playing LW for God's sake. And it was because Michael Hutchinson thought he'd do his best Patrick Roy impression and 1 really stupid goal by him. I ended up scoring a goal with 0.6 left in OT, but I've been thinking about the supposed ice tilt that exists.

    I'm still undecided on the matter. I've had so many awful goals scored on me because of horrible goaltending or atrocious bounces.. but I'm still 19-0-0 regardless of this. It's a weird situation that I don't know about.
  • Its in your head. I'm 86-4 in leaderboards and one of those was a disconnect verse a substantially weaker player. One loss was deserved against FlashDavin (probably the best hut player in the world)... Another was against a top leaderboard guy who played an exceptionally good trap once he got the 1-0 lead and deservedly beat me 3-2. My other loss I believe was a bit iffy. But thats 90 games played and only 1 iffy loss.

    I roll an all hero / wcoh team. (WCOH Bure, WCOH Tarasenko, WCOH Cujo)

    And your the reason HUT sucks. Stop playing into th EA cash grab.
  • shhhh ,ice tilt.....doh!"its in the game"don't tell anyone!
    THE...Detriot Frenzy Alumni
  • The guys who have dominant records use exploits to win. It's how you overcome the balancing. That's why they are exploits.

    Not a good reason for exploits.
  • People that defend EA are suspect...not because of this ice tilt/balancing discussion, just in general... suspect
  • The real trick in winning is understanding when the tide has turned and grinding it oot. We all know it happens. Happens in real hockey too. Just gotta grind it out and get a good hit or 2 or a few shots to turn it back. It's just changing your strategies or the way you use your controlled guy within your strategies.

    Weird **** will always happen. That's hockey. Hockey's a turrible sport to bet on because of this. Check the odds.

    But with knowledge comes understanding. With understanding comes experience.
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