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Goalie and team play rating.

I've notice that since I've been playing out of my crease more to cut down the long angle shots that seem to go in when sitting back. That my team play rating is a D or worse. Saying I'm wandering to much. Even though my rebounds are going to the corners and I'm letting a lot less goals in. Anyway to relax this feedback negative? Hurts my score when I'm actually playing the puck well.


  • i agree rebounds are way to hard to control and pleniful.
  • SilentCricket26
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    edited October 2016
    I finally got kicked from a game because I was playing so high on top of my crease on rushes. Puck carrier is barely in the zone and I'm way up to cut the back across my body angle shot off and before the puck is halfway to me I got booted. Was sporting a 4-1 W with 15 saves at the time with less than 20% Teamplay.
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