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My biggest issue with gm mode.

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edited October 2016
After a simulated draft the game adjusts the salary cap so if i get first pick I'm drafting all top players who have the highest paying contracts and highest trade value. I want the option for the cap salary to be solid before the draft. I overdraft past the salary cap i should have to get working on the trade block right away.


  • My biggest problem is how when a player gets in that 34-36 age range they just drop and fizzle out. I know that is what most players do, but some of these guys have long deals. LIke Ryan Suter/Parise, they are both like 35 in my Franchise, and have like 5 years left on their deals... and they are 85 and 88 ovr and their potentials are top 9 and top 4, which is fine, byt basically in the next year they'll be like 86 and 83 or so, and have 4 more years left. I just wish it was dynamic based on their history or performance, or at least pushed a bit better.

    Guys shouldn't be retiring that are 50+ point players either. If you're 34+ and you score 50+ points, that should keep you coming back or something?

    All in all its a great mode, needs some refinement I think though
  • Youratv
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    edited October 2016
    I remember no one would take mark streit. I could package him with 3 first round picks and no one would take him for a 7th round. There was also a jason arnett glitch where you could constantly trade him for a 3rd round pick from any team and then they would immediately place him back on waivers and you got him back for free. I had a season where i think i had maybe 19 first round picks for one year from constantly trading the picks up.
  • umm I disagree with the trading. I do my trades on the HARD setting.

    Try that... lol. It's quite tough to cheese anything, I've tried for testing purposes.
  • I don't get the disagreement? It was me trying to give streit away with 3 1st rounds. No team in hockey would decline that in exchange for a 7th round pick. Not that i don't like him. It was to get out of his contract. Jason arnett is worth a 3rd round pick. Their pretty standard picks in trades and they always released him to waivers so even though it didn't make sense and i didn't like it, it worked in my favor.
  • Well Arnott isn't in the game, so moot on that point, and we're talking about this year correct?

    Cause Arnott isn't even in the game right?
  • Youratv
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    edited October 2016
    I actually think it might have been 16. Anyways you side tracked me. I guarantee with time i could find more loop holes and such in 17 cause i play gm with a friend where we manage the team together and we can find almost everything. Mostly cause i like trading so much that when he comes on he always says the teams completely different every time. I just want the cap to be solid before the draft with no adjustment, even if it's just a toggle-able option.
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