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Connection Loss - Compensation

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This is not intended to be a "GET BETTER SERVERS" post, simply to recognize that "lost connection to EA servers" is a server problem not a user problem.

Now i am not saying every time I disconnect to EA servers the game should be null and void, but it would be nice if certain rules came into play.

I can play other games online for hours on end, and have zero connection problems over the course of weeks. However, 1 in 10 games on EASHL someone loses connection to EA servers ( at least from me and my 2 friends ).

It would be a cool idea if EA could take into consideration maybe some of the following things and determine if I left the game to avoid a loss or I left the game due to a connection issue.

- What period is it?
- What is my DNF rating?
- What is the score?

I am sure we could come up with other parameters. Maybe this is something that can only be in place for the playoffs, as I am sure we can all brush off a connection lose in a regular season game.

The reason I post this, is my connection percentage is very low, the odd "lost connection to EA server" once every 10-12 or so games. Our team was recently going for a banner, again not that this is a life or death moment but making it to the finals is certainly more fun than just playing regular games or drop ins.

We were 3 on 3 vs another team, and 1 friend had an "EA disconnect" in the 1st period, and we were up 4-1 with about 9 minutes left in the 3rd period and I disconnected. We took the L and had to restart our playoffs.
This is a situation were dependent on parameters it would be clear to see the team dominating in every stat, is clearly not quitting to avoid a loss.....

I am not saying "FIX SERVERS" but merely asking that we realize there are connection problems that don't seem to exist in other game scenarios, and to have some parameters set up, even for for playoffs to somewhat address the issue.


  • I do say FIX THE GOD DAMN SERVERS. We pay for this game and it is frustrating. And why do we need to be connected to the server while we play a HUT game against CPU ? I can understand BEFORE and AFTER the game (for stats update) but during the game, really ? I was playing against CPU and all of a sudden got a disconnected from EA servers... why do we need to be connected when playing agains CPU ? For god sake this is the worst customer service ever. They don't answer to us.
  • MacShred wrote: »
    Great post. They should fix the servers! Its fraud. People pay a lot of money to play HUT or at least to have a decent team, the fact that I get disconnected from EA servers and it then counts as a loss, is disgusting. It's a scam. Probably my last year buying this game. Losers.

    I would imagine that would be very frustrating as well especially if you are spending money on HUT.

    I really only play EASHL so I wasn't sure how bad the DC was. I somewhat figured to myself since there are more people in the EASHL games there is more going on, or more for the game to keep track of, and thus resulted in more DC issues than the other game modes.

    I really think in a tie game, 1st period it should not be a loss, or if at any point in the game you DC while in the lead. Heck don't even give me a win for the game thats fine, just dont hand me an L while im up 4-1 in the 3rd period.
  • automatic losses for goalies who d/c (because of a connection problem) when your team is winning is not cool, especially late in the 3rd.
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