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EA Please Read! Draft Championship

I do not understand why there is no B (back) selection once you select draft championship, accidently selected play solo and then from there I'm locked in there? Might seem petty but it makes no sense to not be able to get out of a screen on this game.


  • The idea is that they don't want people to be "backing out" and stack the odds in their favour by "re-rolling" the available themes of players you can pick.

    That said, if you "mess-up", just close the App and restart it before you pick your theme if you've made a mistake. Takes a bit longer, but you get the result you're looking for.
  • I just mean that it's a little odd to if you select the wrong game mode you want that you can't back out, hadn't got to the part where I pick my team. Just find it strange that such a simple thing like going back isn't an option, a little long winded having to restart the game for the sake of just wanting to go back but I get what your saying, thanks for the reply (Y)
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