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His average to for price is above 500k. Someone listed him as starting price of 300k. I was the only bidder. Best player in the game for 300k


  • Crosby does not go for 500K, the market fluctuates every day it just depends on how many Crosbys are listed, on a good day you can get him around the price you got him at and on a bad day the max would be around 450K. I luckily pulled him in the 88+ player WCH set trade but not getting on very well with him, his faceoff stats are my main put off.
  • Butters1135
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    edited October 2016
    Shoot, thought I got a steal. Would you take Ovechkin or Crosby?
  • Well you did because that's probably lowest he'd go for so not trying to take that away just pointing out he probably wouldn't go for 500K. I have both Crosby and Ovi but much prefer Ovi this year, his one timers are incredible. im going to give it a bit more time with Crosby I think.
  • Put Crosby on wing if his face off are letting u down he should do well there
  • you should be able to sell him for 450K no problem... sit on him for a little while
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