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Any Sites That Show HUT Synergy Cards Info?

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Does anyone know of a website that will show you all the HUT players and their Synergy's? This would be very helpful when deciding which players to buy/trade for. Thanks all.


  • hutdb.net has synergies
  • EddieZny wrote: »
    hutdb.net has synergies

    great site... lets you build a team too with synergies
  • yeah, it is my favorite of all the sites.
  • Ok it looks good but it's hard to find the synergy's because you have to create a team first. But other than that its way better than nothing! Thank you. I have to check it out now!!! :)
  • MFin04
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    Ok it looks good but it's hard to find the synergy's because you have to create a team first. But other than that its way better than nothing! Thank you. I have to check it out now!!! :)

    If you Google NHL 17 synergy spreadsheet, there's an awesome Google doc and Excel spreadsheet that you can build lineups in and search all NHL players.

  • They're there. You need to go to the player stat sheet and you can filter for synergies.
  • Holly cow! That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot EddieZyn. Cool!!!
  • You're welcome.
  • hey guys, i'm the admin for hutdb.net, theres actually 3 ways you can search player synergies (at the moment). https://hutdb.net/17/players and https://hutdb.net/17/goalies has a listing of synergies which you can also sort and search by (use the filters above). In the team builder you can also click the "advanced" button which will bring up player synergies, which again you can sort and filter. Lastly, all player synergies are listed on the players view. If you go to the main page you can search a player name and it will have their synergy.

    Hope this helps and glad you guys find it useful!
  • Good how in the world do I delete or edit a newly created team so I don't have millions of them to refer back to and not knowing which one is the most current. sreid1988 Thanks for any help!!
  • https://hutdb.net/17/players On this one here in your code you need to add a scroll bar horizontal, otherwise you have to highlight the text then use the right arrow key just to get to the end to see the attributes. Kinda of a pain. Ya know..
  • There is a horizontal scroll, what browser are you using? Might be the issue. Also to edit a saved team you must first create a account then go to team builder then "my teams" in the navbar. You can modify saved teams there.
  • Fire Fox/ Opera/internet explorer/safari

    I did create the account, but I don't have any teams saved in there, but when I do a search, they all show up? Not sure what I am doing wrong. I'll try again?
  • WHALERS1988 - Saved Teams
    No data available in table
  • Nope definitely not working!!!
  • Ok I must have made the teams before I registered so that is why they are not in the database. I tried a test and it worked. My bad. Thanks for all your help.
  • Give me the link to your teams and your user name and I'll link them to your account.
  • Oh thanks, but I did get it. I had to redo it, but it work. Thank you for your help though! And great job on the site.

    Now did you have access to EA database in order to get all the information and if so how does one go about getting it?

    Who and what department do you have to contact? Also do you have to pay a fee for using it?

  • It's all sourced from ingame data. I have no contact with EA.
  • Endlesstimes
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    Oh my god you mean you entered in all that data and copy and pasted all the pictures? Holly cow!!!
    Are you playing on PS4 OR XBOX1 ???
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