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Few gripes with online gameplay. Large improvement over 16.

Overall my experience with NHL17 has been fun. The improved gameplay with far less "glitch" goals, aka 100% goals in EASHL has made my club finally competitive. We refused to use these goals and the drastic difference between VS & EASHL gameplay pretty much screwed us all, not once did we ever have a positive record since EASHL was implemented.

Playing Online Versus, I feel the automatic puck pick-up animations at times in the defensive zone create turn-over problems that just shouldn't exist. For example a loose puck at the low circle, sometimes your player will pick up the puck and swoop wide, just to be absolutely demolished by a forechecker who saw the animation begin, then the opponent players have a clear momentum advantage and will beat you to every loose puck/puck battle until you get a whistle or a lucky clearing.

Another frustrating thing is d zone entry on defense. If your opponent carrying the puck understands how difficult it is to time a poke check or control the gap in the middle of the ice entering the zone as the puck carrier obsessively slowly pulls left to right while pivoting, your only hope is a perfectly timed pokecheck - which if you miss, it's easy to deke the pants off your computer defender and score a goal in the slot. It's just a little too easy to do this. It should be easier to switch to a forward and stick lift from behind when someone is being cheap like that.

From behind stick lifts are frequent in real hockey. The stick lift has been reduced to a fine art now, not only do you miss almost 100% of the time, but the high-sticking penalties resulting from the lack of effectiveness are a bit silly.

Pinning against the boards needs some work. It's much more difficult to execute, which is good. Before you could chase someone holding the button to pin and eventually a magnetic feeling reaction would occur and you could get a cheap board-pinning. Now that it is fixed, the player pinned against the boards has far too much ability to just cleanly break free and 'spring' away with a sudden & odd burst of speed.

In EASHL, it's still a bit frustrating for the large amount of soft goals, versus solid plays that don't result in goals. We've had several sequences where we had 5-6 shots in a 20 second time frame all from high scoring areas in the slot and around the net, with superhuman saves and just a few moments later, a fluttering puck, or incredibly weak shot goes in on your own goalie. Also a net front presence just isn't rewarded enough, regardless if you pick a grinder or not. If your goal is to deflect pucks, pick up loose pucks, etc, jam loose pucks, it's all but impossible to do. I obsessively go to the net in all circumstances in the offensive zone, although I'm averaging over 1.4ppg, rarely do my goals or assists originate from the front of the net. Shots either hit me in the ****, head, chest, whiff on every loose puck, superhuman snap-saves, etc. I thought the stick tie-ups around the net & in the slot were to help limit cross crease, goals, but also to create opportunity to break free for deflections, or to solidify your positioning for deflections, jamming at rebounds, etc.

The soundtrack is absolutely horrible. I feel like a teenager shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle or any type of Outlet Shops. It's absolutely pathetic & doesn't match the excitement or intensity that you can have at times in this game. It's pathetic. I don't know who, or which group of people at EA were in charge of negotiating rights & selecting the soundtrack - but you should consider working for a different company, or perhaps just quitting your job and finding a new career.

Aside from that garbage soundtrack, this game has been a satisfying purchase, much more fun & competitive as a whole and is a good foundation from which to build from.


  • fcamodeo wrote: »
    The game to me stinks. All there knowledge and know how and $ couldnt fix this broken game. Im going back to 16

    16 is even worse lol they're both really bad compared to old gen though.
  • Just to inform on the puck pickups, when the game is used offline with realistic tuners, puck pick ups look phenomenal cuz the game is slower most of the time and usually you're not at full speed picking the puck up. I'm almost convinced they make the game look realistic, and do all of the animations with realistic settings, and then they arcade it up on release.
  • To me, the Demo online game play for both VS and EASHL felt better, but I honestly don't know know if it got tweaked much between the demo and release date.
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