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I forgot and can't find it anywhere. What's the AI skill level online on Hut and Eashl? Pro or all star?


  • bad.

    Depends single player or online. single player it varies pro-allstar-etc based on your division.
    Online I think its always on allstar.
  • sometimes it definately looks like pro though :lol:
  • Should've figured oot the hut on my own. Doh!!! But yeah thx fer the eashl. Yeah they can play pretty dumb on there.
  • On line is all-star.
  • Yesterday in HUT single seasons. I played Tampa Bay which was on Pro and won 20-0. Literally 20-0. Next game I faced some German team with 70 overall stats, it was also on pro. I LOST 5-3 ! :| I had 36 shots and had 3 goals with over 10 minutes TOA. They had 11 shots and 5 goals. I couldn't believe how easy they scored on me and the incredible saves the 72 overall goalie was making showed me how terribly inconsistent this game is. It was on pro and I couldn't score on this goalie. The commentary said 'Toronto's had bad luck in this game they need to start hitting the net' I had 36 shots :S lol they also mentioned how the german team had a 'hot goalie' this game can be so dumb.
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