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Polite request :)

Can we please have the option of removing arena music after an away goal, or just remove it altogether? I love this series but it is totally immersion breaking to have music blaring through the P.A. immediately after an away goal as if there's some sort of celebration taking place. If anything there should be some scattered boos and jeers and that's it.

Thank you! :)
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  • you can turn it off go into settings i think you need to be in the main menu, but it turns off all arena music.
  • Thanks for the suggestion! But like you said, that disables all music, which is just as bad atmosphere-wise.

    As for the way it currently is: Just imagine Isles vs. Rangers at MSG, Tavares scoring the game winner with seconds left on the clock, and a big anthem rock track pumping through the arena. It just feels wrong.
    heyimbill.com | sports poster art and other cool stuff
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