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I looked and there was no thread for this so I made one.

I'm not a huge fan of HUT but I started playing a few days ago because my club only plays on the weekends for EASHL and drop-ins are too hit and miss, not very fun.

I played 6 games with a 5-1 record and I've already noticed the connection issues for hut, I know it isn't my connection because I'm wired in and have 150mb per second internet, it was around 4-6 mb upload last few times I ran the test on ps4, even higher when I tested on my laptop, so I know it isn't my side.

What I suggest for next year (being realistic here) is when someone you play against has a terrible connection and the game is laggy because of it, you can force a mutual quit so no one gets any points or a loss.

The question I had for the veteran HUT guys was this, I saved up enough for the 5000 puck silver pack which said 20 cards, 2 rare cards. After I bought it I just got a bunch of contract cards and AHL jerseys, european players and AHL players, not one was above 80, not even an 81 and not one NHL player. My question is, what's considered a rare card? The 80's European players I got? Is it worth it getting anything besides the 15000 puck pack?


  • I'll educate you.
  • Bronze packs, give ahl,qmjhl, ohl, and whl players n stuffs.

    Silver- gives you euro league players and stuffs.

    Gold- gives you nhl players and stuffs.

    your rare cards will be extra shiny, bronze silver or gold depending on the pack.

    Just buy gold, thats what they want you to do.
    Unless you like single player seasons, then you can do whatever you want.
  • Oh alright, yeah that's what I assumed about the gold packs, no reason to get any others.
  • There is reason to get the other too though, if you know what to look for. Google/you tube is your friend here.
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