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a couple Hut issues

Is there a way to do the new celebrations in HUT? I can't seem to figure out how.

And do you guys find that scoring is quite difficult in single player seasons, especially when you get to the superstar level games. Seems like every goalie I go against is a brick wall in front of the net.

And my goalie is a sieve! I'm happy to get and 80 save percentage, so many slapshots from the cpu are just sick snipes or deflections, but I try that and just nothing. I just played a game where I took 43 shots and scored 3 goals, cpu took 19 and scored 4... my goalie is Bishop. These stats are pretty much the norm for almost every game I play.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this?


  • Last game 7 to 1. Winnipeg 30 shots...7 goals. Me 30 shots 1 goal. 6 put of their 7 goals were slapshots... really starting to **** me off!!
  • HUT sliders are messed up. I just got to Div 4. Basically on Superstar the CPU scores on every other shot it takes. The CPU is predictable so I can limit shots but their shots are heat seaking missiles. The moat affective way to score on them is with the slot one timer but even then the G reacts unrealistically quick.

    As for celebrations there are no custom celebrations in HUT. They are BaP/EASHL specific but in the trailer you see Jagr do the salute. Unless you create Jagr there's no way to do the signature salute with him which is false advertising (unless I'm missing something).
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