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What are some budget players

I sort of suck at making coins so I won't be able to get a ton of 94s any time soon. Is there anyone like Robin lehner or Ben bishop in this game or non goalie budget beasts


  • You can build a team of 86 overall players for 550-600 pucks each and probably play around with different synergies.
    86 Radulov
    86 Schwartz
    86 Sharp
    86 Turris

    87 Kesler
    87 Okposo
    87 Bobby Ryan
  • I really like Anton strålman. Hes like 600 coins
  • Martin Hanzal 86 great faceoff guy...he's pretty cheap 600-1000. Mikkel Boedker 86 fast, sniper probably 600-1250.
  • h8ttrick
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    edited October 2016
    Got James Neal for like 2k and Saad for 2k as well both are amazing
  • Nyquist, Cammalerri. Radulov, turris and Ryan I've got as well.
  • Koivu is nice and cheap. Great faceoffs.
  • My favs are Koivu, Atkinson, Boedker, Cogliano, Myers, Vatanen, Hansen(the best right handed speedster IMO)
  • Koivu for me, he is my leading scorer for some reason and have him on the 3rd line.
  • Centers -


    Wingers -


    You could make a pretty cheap/solid team, and get 6 defenders to get tape to tape unlocked for cheap too.
    GT - T0o HxC 4u
  • h8ttrick
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    I think I got a forever for 1k last night too so there are always those steals as well. Best thing to do is find a player you like and get a deal on it.
  • Boedker, Yandle
  • Brassard has been a beast since day 1 for me. Not the best in the circle but he gets it done and is my leading point scorer still now in D1
  • Here’s my current scrub team on second account – all purchased with coins earned from going up to Div. 5 and I didn’t play the market for a second. Current synergies: Speedster, Tape to tape, passing playmaker. I’ve found all these players very good for their price tag.

    Spezza – Statsny – Nyquist
    Gaborik – Brassard – Boedker
    Little – Hanzal – Marleau
    Sharp – Vermette - Granlund

    Fowler – Vatanen
    Yandle – Ristolinen
    Kronwall – Parayko

    M. Jones and some scrub goalie with TT / TT coach
  • How's Krieder this year?
  • ryan oreilly has been great for me, same with forsberg and brassard. depends on how you play. defensively, stralman and vatanen have been standouts as well
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