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HUT OT would be much better with perpetual 3 on 3

Shootouts are boring, it's not real hockey and if it exist in the real world it's purely for marketing and time managing reasons but it doesn't belong in HUT.

Let's face it 80% of us don't know how to use the goaltender properly which make the outcome of the game more or like like a coin toss.


  • true... but like you said... it could end up extending the game pretty long if two good people are playing each other
  • 3 on 3 can it be very long tho? It's possible but highly unlikely... I mean EASHL it's perpetual 5 on 5 and nobody seems to be complaining.

    Also another thing that triggers me: We can't change our line in options... So last game I loss my D #2 due to injury at the 4th minutes of first period and from there I am screwed because my D get in orange very fast for the rest of the game... If at least I could replace by a 4th liner.

  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Iove shootouts and I know how to control the goalie so it works well for me. Shootouts = wins for me :-)
  • Great for you but imo it's not even hockey and shouldn't be in the real NHL... Like if we determined NFL games on a punt length contest, a MLB game on a home run derby or a PGA game on a long drive competition.
  • I would prefer to see 5v5 continuous overtime. I mean, if 2 good players battle it out for an extended period of time -- isn't that what it is all about?
  • ^ It would still be better than shootout but you know it could get quite long... 3 vs 3 is exciting but I get your point.
  • Oh losing a game that went into 3+ overtimes would be the worst. Heck, even winning, for just 1 point might not be worth your time but at least it would be a good game. Well unless of course the GWG was some typical EA nonsense. That might pump some revenue into the controller market.
  • It's in NHL regular season so it should be the same in the video game. HUT has OT in the playoffs, right?

    Please, please, don't tell me the game isn't realistic as a retort...
  • No, it's technically correct I was just stating my preference.
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    If that's how it is in the NHL it should be in the game.
  • Then why not the same with EASHL?

    Also imo this NHL Shootout thing is stupid and it's gonna be revoked soon enough but I agree it's like that now.
  • I vote for continuous ot. Anything to not have to control my goalie. I personally have no interest and cannot understand why I am forced to be my goalie. Another huge peeve for me.
  • Agree with the guy above, I really don't care to learn to use the goalie. Anything else would be better. And I really dislike shootouts in general.
  • HUT 3v3 OT would be better if I was able to edit my OT roster instead of having all my RWs taking the faceoff.
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    You people are so lazy I don't want to control my goalie I don't want this fix this. Seriously? Shootouts are one of the best things in the NHL it is pure skill and I'm sorry you don't know how to control your goalie it's part of the game you better learn.

    Also I agree with rainbow! Let me set my 3v3 ot players...
  • I suck 3 on 3 so I'm all for getting rid of it, lmao. Only thing in the game I'm awful at. I've won 2 OT games by luck but not a fan of it.
  • By the way.. you do realize in edit lines, 3 on 3 lineup IS your OT lineup. Set it up there.
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