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I'm pretty bummed that NHL 17 doesn't have something as simple as roster share while other franchises within their company enjoy the simple benefit of it. I've looked into finding a way to share an NHL 17 roster file through pulling it off an Xbox One and posting it online but haven't seen a way yet. It seems it would require saving your NHL data to an external hard drive and then having the software to breakdown that saved data to get to the roster file. And then some step by step way to get it back on a different Xbox One without being broken or messing something up. Maybe it can be done by some one tech savvy enough? That is not me, haha.

I do have a device that connects by USB that's used to get any file off a hard drive, even broken hard drives. Friends have brought me their cooked hard drives and I can usually salvage most, if not all, of what they thought they lost. You can even drill down to the smallest and hidden files in the background to get them. Maybe something like that could access NHL 17 roster files saves on a working external hard drive to pull off and post?

Again, I'm not Steve Jobs so I'm not sure if it's possible. But EA roster updates are very few and always wildly inaccurate. I could care less about what they set ratings at, I can tweak those. It's not having accurate rosters in the game, players not on the right team, league, or even retired, that drives me nuts.

Any ideas?
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    Forgot to mention: It's also a bummer you can't trade draft picks outside of a season/franchise mode. So if/when Jacob Trouba is traded for a 1st and 2nd round pick, you have to wait for EA to post another roster update because moving those picks, for no valid reason, isn't an option on your own.
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