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EA..could you tell us online goalies, what these sliders are set at for EASHL please?

I have had a quick look at the offline sliders and was wondering what the settings were at for online play.

1 cross crease reaction time { how fast the player reacts when moving cross crease } higher the number the quicker they react

2 save reaction time { self explanatory } higher = quicker

3 deflection reaction time { again self explanatory} higher = quicker

4 screen effect { how much the screen affects the reaction time to see and react to shots} higher = greater the effect

4 screen persistence { the length of time taken to find sight of the puck after a screen } higher the value the longer the time

As you can see, these values can make a huge impact on the way the game plays for us goalies...would be interested in getting an answer from the Devs on this please..even if its just to tell us that these have no impact on online play { although I highly doubt it :) }
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