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We are my players so slow??

how does Chara skating backwards outstate my Stamkos, there is NO way this should be happening.Players are constantly out skating my forwards when i have the likes of Ovi, Tarasanko, duchane, stamkos, hall, p.kane. Just my rant for today


  • ya i noticed that stats dont mean anything. some guys with players 79-82 stayed with my 88-91s. outskated any of my 85s
  • I asked ea that same question why does it seem that my 90 plus skaters seem like they are stuck in mud and are easily out skated by low 80 players their answer to me was have u checked your connection all u can do is laugh
  • Probably because you had your players on the ice for an 8 minute shift. Oh wait that doesn't go with conspiracy theories so that can't be possible.
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