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NHL 20 Content Update October 25th

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Request to Choose AI Players


I would like the option to choose who/which type of scrub AI player will be on the ice with my club mates and I. It would be nice to have a few player types available instead of a stock, ****, AI skater. Goalie also. I don't know about you all, but I feel the AI in EASHL this year, Goalies included, are beyond horrible.

Skating into passing lanes
Skating in front of and bogging down you or your team mate
Missing the obvious pass
Skating to the other side of the crease to play D when there are already 2 other skaters there
Own Goal Scoring
Goalie looking like he's made of stone and doesn't move on 80% of the plays around the net
The other 20% it's completely the wrong direction

I can go on. I feel that having a player type option, and an honest attempt at making the AI at least formidable to skate with, would be a big help. Things I've seen the last 10 days in club are enough to make me not want to keep playing it.


  • Something that needs to be fixed in EASHL in case you are stuck in a game that is less than 5 human skaters/playing with AI.... There are still NO right handed shooters in EASHL when any player is the CPU. Every single CPU player is lefty. It was the same in NHL 16. And all goalies are lefties as well.

    This makes most passes going to the right almost always landing on the backhand. This make AI breakouts to the right sloppy. Not sure why this is, but there needs to be righties patched in. Just that small change alone to RW/RD would instantly improve all passing, clean up the pace and quickness of most breakouts to the right, offensive zone entry, penalty kill, clean up D-to-D play, passing to the point, cycling, you name it.

    We'd all prefer to play with real people but sometimes it just doesn't happen. This one change would help immensely.
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  • More options would be awesome. On hut I always use dmen playing off side. Sticks towards center, makes fer great one times from the point.
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