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Should I come over from PS3 NHL 14?



  • twoorb wrote: »
    I guess a final way to ask this is:

    If you could be given a PS4 w/ a copy of any NHL NextGen or a PS3 copy w/ any copy of it's versions of NHL and could/would only use the console for that...

    Which would you go with?
    (so cost no object and only for NHL usage)

    Next generation and 17. All the way. But yeah if you can get a used ps4 fer 200-250$ warrantied from somewhere and NHL 17. Do you just use your PS3 fer NHL? If so trade it and that knocks your price down.
  • twoorb wrote: »
    Been through every page here and I'm still a bit confused on the consensus.

    I'm behind the curve and still on NHL 14 PS3.
    I *only* play offline and always play with sliders as close to "simulation" oriented as possible for full seasons.

    Good move to go PS4 & NHL 17 or ?

    Anything anyone wants to share would be most appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!

    If you're going to buy a new ps4, now is the worst time to do it, the new beefed up one is going to be out soon, this game isn't worth getting the old ps4 model so close to the release of the new one.
  • savatagion24
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    twoorb wrote: »
    Thanks for reply... What I'm really trying to decide though is if going Next Gen is worth it at all
    "Going Next Gen" is totally worth it, IMO, but not for NHL 17. I have both PS4 and XB1 and can't even imagine being back on XB360 (although I do still play some 360 games that are backwards compatible ... such as Red Dead Redemption).

    There are a lot of great games for "Next Gen", but if you asked me I would say that Witcher 3 all by itself is enough of a reason. As for NHL 17, it pains me to say I'm already pretty bored with it and I definitely had a lot more fun with the series on the XB360 versions.

    And...I totally agree with the person who suggested getting an XB1 and EA Access. It made my first year on the XB1 much less expensive since I instantly had access to a dozen or so games (probably more now) for only $30. I personally also like the XB1 better than the PS4 but they're both good.
  • Like others have said, don't buy a PS4 just for NHL. It's one thing if you have other uses for a console but never buy it just for one game, especially NHL.

    Honestly, I always buy NHL games at launch and I never learn my lesson from it. The games aren't that great at launch, you have to wait at least a month for the game to be patched and have updated rosters by EA. Once they fix the issues and rosters then it is great. I had a lot of fun with NHL 16 on PS4, every year going to a new game feels like a downgrade at first because they're always incomplete.

    I'm mainly an offline player myself, I'm surprised you never upgraded to NHL 15 or the NHL Legacy Edition. Both similar to NHL 14 but probably much improved.
  • twoorb
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    Interesting thoughts in the last few posts.

    I sort of like this idea of waiting for the PS4 Pro to come out to hopefully exert further downward price pressure on existing used PS4's as well as New non-Pro models. That seems to tie in with everyone's comments about how the new NHL game always needs a few months of patching to bake fully anyhow.

    I've been this patient (years now)....no harm in a bit more waiting. haha
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