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Don't Know What Happened

About a week and a half ago I felt like I had turned the corner (so to speak) and had finally gotten used to playing EASHL in '17 enough that I felt like I was making a positive impact while playing Defense. I even found some new "partners" to play D with where we play such good team D that we got lots of comments about how good of a duo we were together. Awesome.....

Then....I honestly have no idea what happened but I lost the desire to even play the game anymore. I didn't have nearly as much fun playing '16 as I did with past versions on the past gen consoles, but I still played it for the entire year. Maybe I'll get the desire back with '17 at some point, I don't know, but it is just kind of "bleh" for me. I would rather play other games that are more rewarding, less frustrating, and/or more relaxing.

Anyone else have this problem?
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