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What is the best way to get Carbon Collectables?

i need to get one for a set I'm trying to finish. whats the best and most affordable way to get one


  • buy packs
  • Swoops--73 wrote: »
    buy packs
    I think thats the first time in the history of this game iv heard buying packs be a good idea

  • gblax14 wrote: »
    i need to get one for a set I'm trying to finish. whats the best and most affordable way to get one

    I'm in the same boat, and it looks like the only way to get one is to go to our over priced market!

    Not sure if you win 4 games in a row in the draft if it will give you one. No one said they have made it that far yet or so I haven't herd of it yet.

    Our all else fails spend money on packs like they said. Sad, but true.....
  • It's actually pretty simple... Turn those Jersey's, Coaches, Logos and Stadiums into Gold Collectibles... Then turn those Gold Collectibles into Carbon Collectibles.

    You gotta at least try 'a little' to navigate through the menus and take a look at the Sets, etc...
  • To add to what slyque said:
    Go to sets.
    10 gold jerseys, make a gold collectible.
    10 coaches make a gold collectible.
    etc with logos and stadiums.
    then your 10 gold collectibles make 1 carbon.
  • its cheaper to buy the HUT Heros from the auctions right now than it is to complete the teams - 3 carbons and 3 gold collectibles are worth about $195,000 plus the cost of the player cards and jerseys and I just bought a Kolzig for 125K - it makes no sense lol. Until people figure out the Hero card prices get em cheap while you can.
  • The thing is when you complete the hut hero you get a hut hero collectible that right now has no use. so assuming they add in a collection for them if it leads to anything of value it will be impossible to do sets because prices will be too high. I'm gambling on the hut hero collectibles leading to something worth while
  • Right but even if it was say Wayne Gretzky 99 OVR For 9 HUT HERO Collectibles and 9 Carbons - its only 1 player. Currently its possible to buy Heros for 200K under their actual cost so if you were to buy 9 of them you would have 1.8M pucks instead of HUT Gretzky (if thats what happens) minus the cost of the carbons
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