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Not very playable

60 to 70 % passing is better then the 50-60% passing from last year but it's only adding 1 or 2 more passes per game so not much has changed there. When you cap the passing it feels more like the computer is playing for me then I am acually the one playing. It makes the game unplayable as it seems to think I am repeatedly passing directly to the oppositions stick wrath er then my COMPLETELY open player ..especially in the first period when it seems that bumping into things is a beter way to describe the poor skating abilities on display most of the games. And why is it the score of almost every game is 1-0 or 0-0at the end of every first period. Seems HIGHLY suspicious.
Anyway I wreckon you will have the same 15-25000 people who will play with regularit y and 300000 people that will come play once or twice and never come back again due to the poor teamplay you have once again given us wich is too bad because if you can stomachache the game all the way, the third period is usually fun and exciting. The problem with that is by the time the 3rd period gets there I have fully lost interest in the game. Too bad..such potential.


  • I love going down low with the puck, and try to pass it back up to the point man along the boards, and the AI glides away from the boards as if a bomb is coming his way. All the way down the ice. Doh, another offensive pressure down the tubes. This is almost as bad as peppering the goalie and having no point man because they randomly leave the ice for line changes!!
  • I actually think the point pass/ board pass is great this year. There are the odd misses, what vision are you using? Also behind the net and corner play is much improved.
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