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PS4 Club D6 NatioN recruiting

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Hey guys,

We are looking for a well rounded players be it C / LW / RW / LD / RD. Not currently looking for G until the patch comes out to address G issues. (we have a few Gs as is)

We like to play a realistic style if possible (dump n chase, cycle low, good point shots, and play responsible defense and not chase). We'd prefer players who are able to play within a system and have a team first mentality.

We are a competitive club currently div 1 and usually play nightly. We hold each other accountable for our mistakes and don't tolerate bad mouthing others. Ultimately we're here to have fun, enjoy each others company, and win. Being immature about a loss will get you nowhere.

We're not egotistic at all and a mature set of guys I'm sure you'd get along with. We do have strategies we like to run, but any suggestion to make us more diverse is welcomed, we are a team after all.

We usually play from 6pm - 12am EST daily, weekends can vary depending on who's on. North America East preferred please.

PS4 Club name: D6 NatioN

If interested, please contact Ant_D_7 (one of my GM's) or pm me here on this site.

*Please no club hoppers. We are a pretty loyal group and everyone rotates if needed with no hassles.

*Do NOT msg me on PS4 as I'm set to friends only for msgs. Thanks!

Thank you for reading!


BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
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